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*FREE consultation open to owners or C-Level executives of non-compete-registered businesses in the U.S.A and Executive Directors and/or key staff (employees) of 501(c)3 organizations in the U.S.A.

EXPERTISE / CONSULTING SERVICES​                                                           Also Serving Non-Profit Organizations     

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  • Global Sales & Marketing Strategy            
  • Advertising / Promotions / PR           
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Builds / SEO
  • ​Email Marketing
  • Brand Strategy and Refresh                  
  • Event Planning / Trade Shows         
  • Strategic Partnerships / Sponsorships
  • Fundraising / Donor Relations / Grant Proposals
  • Design Services 
  • Jingles / Specialty Music
  • Intellectual Property Licensing (Inbound and Outbound)                

                                         Our subject matter experts at Martin & Associates LLC
                   are here to serve you as your VIRTUAL MARKETING and/or FUNDRAISING DEPARTMENT!

                                             ATTEND OUR 1-DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP 
COVID-19 UPDATE: We can hold the workshops virtually at your convenience!

Did you know that most businesses spend unnecessary money on digital marketing strategies that don't translate into bottom-line sales? According to Harvard University (March 2019) you "don't build an independent Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram build a comprehensive integrated marketing plan across all media channels."

The biggest mistake is engaging "social-media-only experts" to reach more customers in those online channels without developing a comprehensive marketing, branding, and communications plan. 

This workshop will position your business for success!



"Setting aside a day for Shari's intensive sessions proved to be time well spent for our organization. Her workshop was well organized, very informative, and allowed our executive leadership team to collaborate in new and different ways. We were extremely satisfied with the actionable take-a-ways that will continue to impact our business, and we highly recommend her services!"  
                                                                              Sargent Aborn, President, Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.
                                                                                            Licensing Timeless Broadway Musicals! 
                                                                                                560 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

"During the initial launch phase of our non-profit, we were so impressed with Shari's strategic direction. We
revisited our mission/vision statement, our branding strategy, and developed a solid plan to move forward. She is highly creative, a great listener, but also pays great attention to detail. You will benefit from her services."

                                                                                           David Havice, President, The City of Help
                                                                                                              Woodland Park, CO

Workshop FAQ's:

1.  What can I expect over the course of the day, and how will it benefit my business?

This is an intensive (yet invigorating and interactive time) where we help you plan the work - then work the plan! This workshop brings together cross-functional disciplines to get everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction, toward the same goals.

​As a business owner, you know that a big hurdle to overcome is getting key stakeholders to agree on priorities, strategies, and tactics. This workshop will help your executive team work together in new and different ways, promoting a greater sense of teamwork, and ultimately make a difference to your bottom line.

We start the day reviewing your mission-driven marketing objectives. From there we deep-dive into all-important branding sessions that will frame your marketing messages and communication strategies. The morning ends with customer-centric strategy discussions. (Can't give up the secret sauce just yet!)

The second half of the day is spent looking into the best, integrated digital marketing strategy along with a KPI discussion. 
You'll receive a post-workshop written plan with actionable take-a-ways, feeling confident in your ability to increase your ROI.

2.  Who should attend this workshop?
Executives: C-Level, SVP's, VP's, and Director-level executives would highly benefit from this workshop.  

Small Business Owners:  If you're a small business owner, this workshop will benefit anyone in your organization who has executive decision-making authority and/or key stakeholders. The results will be an integrated, cohesive plan across all business disciplines with a comprehensive plan to move forward.

New Business Owners:  If you're in the process of launching a new business, congratulations! Get ahead of the game, attend this workshop, and move forward with confidence.

3.  Would
Non-Profits benefit from this workshop?
Absolutely! Our consultants have over 30 years of combined experience working for large non-profits, and the workshop can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your Not-For-Profit.  

4.  How much does the workshop cost?
Depending upon the size of your organization, the number of attendees, and the number of facilitators needed,
workshop costs will vary. We're happy to discuss your needs and give you a customized quote for your workshop.

5.  Where is the workshop held?
We can schedule the workshop anywhere in the world! We can hold the workshop virtually, bring the workshop to your office, or to a venue 
in your city.  OR our meeting planners can schedule an offsite at a hotel, resort, or any destination of your choosing. We're always highly flexible to meet your needs.  

6.  I'm interested, but I need more information.  Who can help me?
Thanks for your interest in our services.  Please fill out our Contact Us form, tell us a little about your organization and your needs, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours (two business days.)

7.  How soon can I schedule my free 30-minute strategy consultation?
Usually, we are able to schedule a phone call or video chat within 2-5 business days for your free consultation.


We can develop a customized plan to meet your unique business needs.

                              Contact us today for more information
or to request your FREE 30-minute strategy consultation.*